DODGE INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD. specializes in designing, manufacturing and processing of composite materials. The business items include the processing and sales of composite materials (such as fiber -glass, carbon fiber and metals), manufacturing and export. We have the ISO 9001 certification and 6S manageable policy.


We produce fiberglass (highly acid-proof, alkali-proof and insulation), carbon fiber roll forming and mold pressing, irregular forming, which possess have the features of light weight. Dodge makes products including windsurfing mast, boom, SUP (Stand Up Paddle), speargun tube, fin and so on.

These days the carbon fiber products are everywhere. They are used in bicycles, automotives, sports equipments, furniture and 3C products which have been updating the quality.

Dodge Carbon fiber composite materials have the features of anti-aging, anti-impact, fire-proof, light weight, vibration damping and without malleability.

We provide various custom service: spare tubes, automotives, industrial parts and sport equipments. Dodge team provides professional  services to help clients to have more competitive market to expand to your market.

We have innovation and excellence spirits to develop new products. We provide the most competitive price and short lead time. Please feel free to contact us with our innovation and excellence. Dodge will be your best partner to help you to develop your new products and expand your market.